Sickle Cell Advocacy at Pascoe Vale RSL Club

On 26th August 2019, ASCA was invited to the Pascoe Vale RSL Club to give a talk about sickle cell disease in Australia. This opportunity availed to us made it possible to accomplish what our association is meant to be doing. With a room of about 20 people, ASCA Executive Director Agnes and the Support Networks Coordinator Peter gave a presentation outlining our mission, values, and objectives. Agnes was able to share the history of the association and the reasons behind starting this initiative. Agnes was also able to share her personal story to highlight just how complicated this disease can be. There was a lot of engagement in the audience with a lot of questions and clarification in the room.

Peter took the platform and gave a moving presentation about his experience with this disease. People in the room were intrigued to know that Peter was actually born in Australia and that he is almost 60 years old. Most of them were surprised to even learn that this disease exists in Australia. At the same time, it was encouraging that about two people knew what sickle cell disease is. The question and answer session with Peter was equally interesting. The event finished off with dinner and drinks. Agnes and Peter were both presented with a pen engraved with their organisation name. Very lovely pens, we must say. Pascoe Vale RSL also gave a sponsorship of $500 to ASCA. We are very appreciative.