Australian Sickle Cell Advocacy Inc.
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Australian Sickle Cell Advocacy Inc.
Supporting People Living With Sickle Cell Disease In Australia And Beyond

Family Support Groups / Networks

ASCA facilitates family support group meetings for individuals and family members of those living with Sickle Cell Disease. To register for our free support groups or classes, please send your details through the link below. Our programs are held every quarter with a view to increase the sessions as we go.

Connect with the ASCA family

  • We hold quarterly informal meetings with families affected to discuss the effects of living with SCD
  • We provide emotional and moral support through community support group meetings, patient visitations, family get-together gatherings and any other form of support that will improve the well-being of affected community members
  • We share ideas on how to manage the disease
  • We provide information and referrals to patients and caregivers by linking them to known doctors and other professionals
  • We learn from each other what works and does not work by different people
  • We share on issues the Sickle Cell Disease community are facing and brainstorm ideas on how to tackle them
  • We discuss policy issues and formulate plans on how to address them

Australian Sickle Cell Advocacy Inc (ASCA) is a patient advocacy group supporting the rights of people living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) as they navigate the healthcare system in Australia. ASCA is a non-profit organisation started in 2014 and officially registered in October 2018. An advocacy group formed to fill the gap of highlighting the rising numbers of sickle cell disease in Australia. Although rare in some part of the world like Australia, sickle cell disease is affecting a lot of people.