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Ladies Night Out


The Ladies Night Out is an informal sickle cell disease and mental health awareness initiative created to bring communities together to share ideas, promote and celebrate each other’s achievements.

This is a fundraising initiative with proceeds directed to different projects to benefit communities affected by sickle cell disease and mental health challenges in different parts of the world.

This initiative was created by Agnes Nsofwa, the founder and executive director of Australian Sickle Cell Advocacy Inc.
Agnes is mentored by Mel Magengezha, the mental health expert award winner of Australian Ladies in Business Initiative & Community Champion of the Year 2023 and the host of Mbuya vaRaphy Talkshow.

How We Work

The Ladies Night Out is an initiative created to celebrate and support women from different communities to raise awareness on the management of physical health like sickle cell disease
and mental well-being on a global scale.

The main aim of this initiative is to host the Ladies’ Night Out Gala on an annual basis globally to bring communities together with like-minded, powerful individuals to promote sickle cell
awareness and mental health well-being.

Celebrating women from different communities, these women coming together on a specific calendar event to appreciate and support each other.

It is estimated that by the year 2050, over 400, 000 babies will be born annually with a form of sickle cell disease globally. Putting women in the forefront to bring this cause in the limelight and help educate different communities is the main aim of this initiative.

Depression affects more people than any other mental disorder and is also one of the world’s leading causes of disability. Although it is a treatable disease, six out of every ten people who
have depression in do not seek or do not receive the treatment they need.

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The main aim for this initiative is to work with women community leaders to help spread health awareness. Working different women community leaders is the goal so that they can take that information to their respective communities.


This initiative was created to partner with different communities in less resourced countries around the world and communities affected by Sickle Cell Disease and mental health in Australia. The initiative involves visiting people dealing with challenging issues and organising special meals for these communities.


This initiative will also provide health education resources to enhance the understanding of promoting sickle cell disease and mental health. The resources will be translated into different languages targeted at different nationalities within Australia and around the world

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