Sickle Cell presentation at RMIT

One of our top objective is to raise awareness about sickle cell disease that is considered a rare disease in Australia. Our area of focus is firstly to the people who are at risk of having the sickle cell trait. We would like to see that every individual who is at risk of having this genetic condition is aware of their risk. They can only know by getting tested to know their sickle cell status. Another area of focus is highlighting this condition to the healthcare professionals like Nurses and doctors.

One of the things we would love to see is that healthcare professionals know about this condition during their training at respective learning institutions. So it was an honour for us to be invited to give a talk to RMIT university where we presented on SCD to the Nursing lecturers. It was extra special because we had the Associate Dean Health and Sciences attend the presentation too. We are inviting different learning institutions to call on us to give similar presentations.